High School Prevention Programs

SHAKEN NOT STIRRED is an interactive magic program for high school students, this program addresses the seductive allure of drugs and alcohol on the level of this older, more sophisticated audience.  This program shatters the illusion that drugs—especially alcohol—are “cool, adult’ things to experience.  Without talking down to these young adults, Tom Boz motivates these students to avoid the temptations that are sure to confront them every day.  Tom Boz magically delivers the message to avoid drugs and alcohol and to make healthy choices in a way that’s interesting and informative while still being exciting and entertaining.


Tom teaches the students:

•  Making healthy choices

•  How to deal with peer pressure

•  WORKING Ways to say “NO”.

•  Stop and Think before they act

•  The realities of drinking and driving

•  And more !


Contact info

Phone: 630-830-3465

Email:  tom@tomboz.com

Bartlett, IL 60103



School Programs


K– 3rd Grade

4th—8th Grade

High school


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