Memorable Business Magic:

Tom Boz


With solutions that make messages stand out amid the competitive clutter, Tom Boz has been helping clients make positive impressions on prospective customers for more than 10 years. His solutions incorporate his skills as a magician to pitch a product or services to trade show audiences. They also involve combining his sleight of hand with his motivational speaking skills to educate managers and employees. And sometimes his magic simply entertains clients in hospitality suites. No matter what the solution, Tom Bozís clients know that Memorable Business Magic works for them.


It can also work for you !!!!


Tom Boz is an award-winning magician who combines his magic skills with his education as a teacher and his dynamic personality to develop motivational and business programs for companies across North America.

Whether itís grabbing the attention of potential customers, entertaining them once they become valued clients, or educating your employees on providing the very best customer service anywhere Ė Tom Boz has solutions that are proven to be successful.


Tom Boz has the magic to make your business memorable.


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