Internet Safety 101

Internet Safety 101 is an interactive program Tom Boz has created that opens your eyes to the dangers that most of us parents are not aware of.   Sure the danger is out there but “it will never happen to my kids”, is heard way too often.  The Internet is not going away, so educate yourself, your children and be proactive.


The Internet can be a wealth of information and knowledge; it can also be a dangerous place. Chat rooms can connect our cInternet Safety 101 hildren to dangerous people who don't have their best interest. The Internet is the most powerful tool of our Children's Generation. It gives them access to a wealth of information.  Communication is instantaneous and keeping in touch so easy.  But who is “connecting” with our children.


Do you know how to protect your children?

Do you know what rules to put in place?

Do you know how to teach your children to navigate the Internet safely and use it to their advantage?


Tom uses facts, humor and magic to enlighten parents on keeping their children safe in this every changing world. 


Internet Safety 101 teaches:


    * How “they” get to you or "Grooming"

    * Digital vocabulary - Acronyms and emotions

    * Internet “Never Rules” (Tom’s safety rules) for the "New   


    * What we as parents can do!!


This is a great program for PTO's, Civic Organizations, Church Groups, Girls and Boy Scout Troop Parents, Schools and all Parental Groups. Call or email Tom Boz today for further information, prices and dates. Don't miss this opportunity to educate parents on this unseen predator!




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Internet Safety 101