“Tom’s Secret of Success program was a hit and my staff is still talking about it…           Thanks Tom”

Rich Santos – Group Publisher

Primidia Business Magazine & Media


Tom spoke about the importance of teamwork and what could happen                            without it. His message was to challenge folks to share goals and strive                

for continuous improvement.  By having a common "commitment to                          excellence," people could work more effectively and better serve both                             internal and external customers.”


Deborah Hasanov

SBC Revenue Services

Revenue Operations, Volumes & Reporting



“The Ramada hotel chain has been utilizing Tom’s incredible magical and motivational                                                   skills for years now as part of our Personal Best Hospitality initiative to create a customer service culture at each Ramada property that fully empowers staff on every level to become sensitive, interested in and responsive to the needs and concerns of all guests.  It is a race without a finish line, but we are ahead of the rest of the pack with Tom on our team.”

Steve Belmonte

President and CEO

Ramada Franchise Systems


“Tom presented his success program at our regional conference last                                    year. The feedback was so favorable, we utilized his services for our                                 annual national convention. The independent third party company that                                tracks responses for all the educational break out sessions scored                                     Tom's presentation at the conference the highest score of all breakouts, with               a score of 97.5%. People enjoy learning, and they remember when items are               presented in a fun and interesting way.  That is what Tom does.”

Mark F. Young, CHA

Group V.P. of Hotel Services

Wyndham Worldwide (formally Cendant Hotel Division)


The team was really wowed by the way you opened their eyes to new ways                 of thinking and we look forward to fruitful results over the next few days of our                   Quest To Find The Best.  If I can be of assistance for anything, please do not                hesitate to  get a hold of me.  Again, thank you for your time and support and       

I look forward to our next meeting.


Paul Drummond

GM Almalfi Hotel Chicago

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